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Empower Braces System

You want options when it comes to your orthodontic treatment… and we’re thrilled to be able to give them to you!

Empower Braces SystemOur office is now offering a new way to straighten your teeth – self-ligating Empower braces. Unlike traditional braces with elastic or metal ties that have to be periodically tightened by your orthodontist, Empower braces hold the archwire using a specialized slide mechanism. This method reduces the amount of pressure that your orthodontics put on your teeth and allows your teeth to move faster, easier, and more comfortably.

With Empower braces, you can have your new smile easier and faster than ever!

No More Ties! Tie-Less Braces

By removing the tie from the braces, we can reduce the pressure on your teeth along with the number of adjustments that your orthodontist will need to make. No more elastics to replace!

This high-tech system allows for complete control to move your teeth in a healthy manner. With the tie-less brackets and state-of-the-art archwires, discomfort is minimized and you’ll have an attractive smile to enjoy for the rest of your life.

The Empower Braces System – A New Way to Smile

We’re excited about Empower braces – not just because the brackets and wires are completely revolutionary, but because the whole system is designed to improve your comfort and give you peace of mind.

• Treatment without tightening – If you’ve seen a friend go through the discomfort of tightened braces, you’ll know what a remarkable improvement Empower braces are over traditional braces. With tie-less braces, there’s nothing to tighten!
• Comfortable braces – Even with less pressure on your teeth, the system works quickly, meaning less discomfort for you.
• Discreet and easier to clean – Elastic ties have a tendency to attract and collect plaque, which can be a hassle to clean. Take away the ties, and your dental hygiene during your treatment becomes much simpler. Empower braces are even available in clear brackets so you can improve your smile without sacrificing your appearance.

Are Empower braces right for you? Call our office to schedule your consultation with one of our orthodontist. We’ll discuss your goals and your needs and see if treatment with tie-less braces will be a good choice for you.

Call our Phoenix office at (602) 242-3289, or if you live in Scottsdale call (480) 451-3088 today.