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Invisalign® Info

Our Orthodontist specializes in Invisalign at both our Scottsdale and Phoenix locations.We are a Certified Invisalign® Provider in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ.

Have you dreamed of a healthy smile filled with beautiful, straight teeth?

Have you put off orthodontic treatment because you don’t like the idea of traditional metal braces?

Another option is available now – Invisalign. Is Invisalign the right choice for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled and experienced  Orthodontists either in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

What Is Invisalign?

Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign actually uses a series of aligners worn over the teeth to gently guide your teeth into their proper positions. These aligners are made of clear plastic, rendering them practically invisible, are comfortable to wear, and are removable for eating and cleaning. You’ll be smiling the whole way through your treatment, not just after!

Each Invisalign aligner is custom-made for your treatment plan using 3-D computer imaging technology. People have been using them for years with fantastic results. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, over 70% of orthodontists are now certified to treat their patients using Invisalign.

Want to learn more? Check out our frequently asked questions about Invisalign section.

Why Invisalign?

For our patients who are sensitive about their appearance and dislike the inconvenience that traditional braces can pose, Invisalign has a number of benefits. For instance:

• You remove your aligners to eat and drink, which eliminates the list of “forbidden foods” of traditional orthodontics.
• You don’t need to maneuver around brackets and wires when you are brushing and flossing. You simply pop the aligners out and clean them according to your orthodontist’s instructions and brush and floss as usual.
• The aligners fit snugly over your teeth so you don’t have to worry about the abrasions and discomfort that metal braces can sometimes cause.
• With no metal and wires to worry about, you’ll be spending less time in the office getting adjustments.

Another exciting feature of Invisalign is that you’ll have the opportunity to view your virtual treatment plan, which allows you to see how your straight teeth are going to look following your treatment! What are our other patients saying about Invisalign? Take a look through our patient testimonials.

How Does Invisalign Work?

You’ll be given your series of aligners along with the precise instructions about when to change them. You’ll wear a set of the aligners for two weeks. During that two-week period, you should only remove the aligners to eat and drink and clean your teeth. Leaving your aligners out for longer than recommended could delay your treatment.

As each aligner is replaced with the next one in the series, your teeth will begin moving, slowly and gently, until they are in their correct positions. We’ll ask you to return to our office about every six weeks so that we can make sure that your treatment is progressing how we’d like.

In general, your treatment with Invisalign will last about nine to fifteen months and you’ll go through between eighteen and thirty aligners. Each case is different, though. Our Orthodontist, Dr. David Hoffman will give you a better idea of how long your treatment will last based on your own individual needs.