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Invisalign Teen™ Info

Invisalign Teen™ at our Phoenix and Scottsdale LocationsAs a teenager, you have enough on your mind. The big game, homecoming… yearbook pictures?!? Braces can seriously cramp your style!


Now there’s a way to straighten your teeth that won’t change your appearance or stress you out over your social life. With Invisalign Teen, you can step out with your friends or head out on dates without worrying about whether everyone is looking at you or the metal in your mouth.

Teenagers love Invisalign Teen because the aligners are:

• Made of clear plastic – practically invisible!
• Removable so you can enjoy all your favorite treats
• Incredibly comfortable to wear
• Made just for you

Enjoy Your Pizza and Your Popcorn!

If you have friends with metal braces, you know what a bummer it is to have to turn down your favorite foods because they might damage the brackets and wires. But when you have Invisalign Teen, you just pop out your aligners and dig in!

Your Life, Your Way

You have a busy life. Are you involved in sports or other extra-curricular activities? No problem! You can run the 100-yard dash, swim the 50-meters, catch a football, star in the school play, or play your trumpet without having to worry about the hassle of braces.

What Are Other Teens Saying?

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Guess what? So is Invisalign!

You can connect with other teens to learn more about their Invisalign experience and share your own.

If you want to find out more, call our Phoenix office at (602) 242-3289, or if you live in Scottsdale call (480) 451-3088 today.